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Privacy Policy

 Civil Defense Website Privacy Regulation Visitors privacy and trust is very important for us.
 There is no access to any personal data unless provided officially.
 Data Accessibility Our website requests personal data that is required to provide information or any services.
''Personal Data" is any information that relates to identified individual like the name, address and phone number, also it's the same information that the e-government requires.
We get a statistical information of how our website is used to help us improve and develop the website.
These information is't relevant to anyone, the website may ask you to rate it , this step is optional. Registers required to support governmental tasks are saved and easy to access and is controlled among archived records that is approved by Jordan government.
 These transferred records are controlled ,archived and secured when it's needed to comply with historical, administrative, moral and legal requirements.
 Cookies To bookmark any URL you are visiting (through a series of browsers or Microsoft Internet Explorer) Just press any web page or application on this website that uses Cookies,which are short and simple text files stored in the hard drive of the user's computer through websites.
 The used Cookies help us to continue, track and save information, so user will not need to provide this information for many times, where the information obtained through Cookies on this website are handled –in the same way as other information obtained here.
 You can configure your browser to reject Cookies or notify you when the website tries to send Cookies.
You can also scan the hard driver for Cookies and delete them from your computer.
Other links: This website contains many website links.
These consist links to websites operated by governmental institutions and entities and private business .
General Directorate of Civil defence bears no responsibility for the content or the privacy practices of these websites and GDCD suggests you to review their privacy statement.
Website Protection: The General Directorate of Civil defence commits to protect the information that may be available from or collected by the Website.
 GDCD has taken several steps to protect its integrated communications system and to computerize the infrastructure including documentation , monitoring, auditing and encryption. Contact information
 The website of General Directorate of Civil Defence welcomes your comments regarding this statement of privacy.
 for more enquires and information please contact us to

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