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Accrediting Public SafetyCompany

Due to the huge development in buildingsthat the kingdom witnesses and what in need to provide prevention and self-protection systems to save properties and souls in these facilities. Since dealing with these equipment and systems needs special experiences and well qualified staff, the General Directorate of Civil defence concentrates on the necessity to accredit all public safety companies and corporationsunder instruction no.(1) for the year 2004.The instructions of Civil defence for prevention and self-protection equipment and materials issued according to the provisions of article (a/14) of the civil defence law no.(18) for the year 1999 , the General Directorate of Civil Defence/ Prevention and Self-Protection Department holds the responsibility of control and supervision to insure their obligations.
1. All of the institutions and companies shall apply for the General Directorate for Civil defence for classification and accreditation purposesafter meeting all the requirements; they should include in their applicationsthe following documents:
- Valid professions practicing license.
-Trade Name Registration Certificate issued by MIT.
- Affiliation certificate for Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
- ValidImport card.
2. When importing materials and equipment special prevention and self-protection, theyshall provide any available documents or technical details, such as :) original catalogs, certificates of examination and analysis of materials and equipment
1-What is required for the first category:
- Institutionsor companies specialized in the field of manufacturing firefighting and fire alarms materialsand equipment:
- Provide a list equipment,materials ,categories and accessories.
- Provide technical specialized staff .
- Provide original technical catalogs,clarifyingthe specifications of equipment and materials to be classified.
- provide of spare parts for manufactured equipment and materials.
2- What is required for thesecondcategory:
- Institutions or companies specialized in the field of import and sale of materialsfirefighting and fire alarms materials systems and equipment:
- provide spare partsof materialsto be imported.
3-What is required for the third category:
- Institutionsor companies specialized in the field of implementation, installation and maintenance of firefighting and fire alarm systems:
- Provide a technical workshop for the implementation, installation and maintenance works.
- provide specialized staff of engineers and technicians.
Provide a special cards for the process of installation, and maintenance ,shows the following:
1. The address of the institution or company.
2. The date of installation or maintenance.
3. The date of the next examination.
4. The technician name and his signaturewho installed ,maintained and inspected.
5. The phone number of the institution or company.
4-What is required for the fourth category:
- Institutions or companies specialized in the field of maintenance and refilling manual fire extinguishers:
- Providespecial technical staff.
- Provide a workshop equipped with all necessaryequipmentfor the process of filling and maintenance.
- A commitment to provide spare fire extinguishers for customers so that they are provided at rates not less than (25%) of the fire extinguishers that are taken from the site.
- Provide necessaryfirefightingmaterialsrequired for refillingprocess from accredited companiesby the General Directorate of Civil defence in the field of manufacturing or import companies and sale of these materials.
- Provide adhesive stickersofrefilling and maintenance on the body of the extinguisher clarifying the following:
1. The address of the institution or company.
2. The date of refilling or maintenance.
3. The date of the next checkup.
4. Technician name and his signature who refilled and maintained.
5. phone number of the institution or company (the workshop)
1- Performing an on-site inspection by civil defence to match the documents provided with on-site requirements.

Accredited Safety companies

Accreditation of materials and equipment

Due to the urgent need for prevention equipment for protecting public and private buildings from the dangers of fire, and due to the specialty in highly reliable manufacturing of these equipmentthat should be operated in special conditions, these equipment should be subjected to accreditation tests. The General Directorate of Civil defence / prevention and self-protection Department under instructions No. 1 for the year 2004 specialized for prevention and self-protectionequipmentholds the responsibility to supervise on import these equipment to ensure that :
- The imported equipment or locally manufactured is complied with accredited standard specifications.
anynon-complied , fake or unsafely prevention and self-protectionmaterials and equipment is prohibited to import to the local market.
- The appliedcompany should be duly classified by the civil defence as stated in Article (4) (b) of the Instructions No. (1) for the year 2004. Any unclassified institution or company by the General Directorate of Civil defence is forbidden to a import, sell, install or maintain materials of prevention and self-protectionequipment.
- The applied company should fill out the import or accreditation application form and submit it duly with attachments, if needed (in the case of a Jordanian laboratory will conduct the tests).
- The prevention and self-protectionmaterials and equipment should be tested laboratorialat one of accredited laboratories by Jordan standards and metrology organization to examine these materials and equipment.
- Allsamples should be sent to the laboratory testtoJordan Standards and Metrology Organization or to theGeneral Directorate of Civil Defence.
- In case ofthe absence of a Jordanian accredited laboratory to conduct the examination ,the importer or manufacturer should submit a certificate of conformity and testing report of one of the international accredited laboratories to check that material.
- In all cases, theGeneral Directorate of Civil defence does not bear any expenses due to examination or re-examination of prevention and self-protectionmaterials and equipment.
- The civil defence personnel has the right to carry out an inspection in addition to the laboratory testing of materials and prevention and self-protectionequipment, on the samples of these materials, equipment, and to test and experiment them if necessary in order to:
1 –Complying imported and locally manufacturing materials and equipmentspecifications withspecificationsand tests mentioned in the laboratory test.
2 - Complying imported and locally manufacturing materials and equipmentspecificationswith the laboratorial sample.
3 - Authorized person to inspection can take a sample to conduct another testing at any accredited laboratory in case of any complaints as a result of the inspection .

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