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1. The applicant sets a date to study the scheme to attend personally or by callingcustomer service office in the of Prevention and Self-ProtectionDepartment.

2. Customer service officer shall set a date to study the scheme and record itin the registry of study of the schemes, which it shouldn't exceed two working days from the submission date for large projects and high-rise buildings.

3. Customer service officer receivesarequestfor studying only residential schemesso it shall be completed and studied within one working day maximum.

4- Customer service officer submitsa copy of the study of scheme for the head of the Engineering Department or head ofPreventionSection in field directorates daily.

5. The prevention officersstudyschemeof the building in the various branches and determine the architectural ,electrical and mechanical requirements under national construction specificationscodes (fire preventioncode, firealarm systems code, fire-fighting systems code ,elevators code) and document the results of the study instudy form in addition to other forms if needed, according to the study type (schemes of architectural auditing form,schemes of warning systemsauditing form andschemes of extinguishing fire systemsauditing form).

6- in case if the study results were identical ,the following steps should be undertaken by the engineering section in the Prevention and Self Protection Department or in the field Prevention branches.

- Submit a judicial bond that project owner should commit to the projectscheme sealedby Civil defence.

- Sign the engineering schemesand duly ratified by the engineers of branches.

- Fill out thevoucher form duly ratified.

- Save a copy of voucher form after the applicant paysthe fees by in the project file and thenseal the drawings with (fees paid) , in case that the project is fee-exemption, projectdrawingswill be sealed(fees-exemption).

- The study officer fillsin the information form about the facilities , send it to the computer officer to be enteredin order to open a new file to the building ,where a copy of the study report is saved in the file , after that they send a copy of the file to the competent directorate .

- Prepare a letter addressed to thecompetent official authority (Greater Amman Municipality,other municipality) to inform them that the drawingsare being sealed and accredited, and there is no problem to proceed the constructional license from the other competent authority (constructional license), a copy of the letter has to be saved in facility file and a copy has to be sent to the competent directorate.

7- In case that the study results aren'tidentical, the following steps are taken by the engineering section in prevention and self-protection department or the prevention section in the field directorate:

- A copy from the study formscontaining the notes that are required to be modifiedat the drawingshallbe provided to customer, and the original copy will be kept in the project file.

- Afterthe customer implements the modifications required he returns back to the section again and asks for an appointment to study according to the steps mentioned later.

-The prevention officers in the various branches (architectural, electrical, mechanical) verify that the previous notes on the schemes have been modified, and then document the results of the study on the same form, which contains the notes resulting from the previous study

8- In case of the study results are identical the same procedures are taken item (6) mentioned above.

9- A technical committee is formed with the membership by the heads of engineering branches and the head of occupancy permission branch under the chairmanship of the head of engineering and technical affairs section to find engineering solutions for the problematic that can be raised in the drawings of huge projects according to the Jordanian and international specifications accredited in association with the head of engineering branch, to study all postponed and exempted application of Prevention and self- Protection Department .


The procedures of architectural drawings study:

1- Fill a case study form and set an appointment to the study.

2- Provide the drawings to be studied by an authorized engineering consulting office.

3- The project owner shall provide a judicial pledge to adhere the architectural drawings sealed by civil defence.

4- Review the authorized engineer (architectural engineer) according to the drawings provided.

Requirements should be provided in the engineering architectural drawings

1- All the drawings papers should be printed 1:100 or 1:200

2- A page presenting all the necessary information about the facility, the owner, location, address, plot of land number and the region number etc.

3- Detailed area table clarifying the areas of each floor and the total sum.

4- A page for the general site clarifying the street, yards, sidewalk, entrances and exits.

5- Determine the architectural areas for each floor with the occupancy specifications, doors, exits tracks and the length of the dead ends if founded.

6- A detailed section for the building:

-tiles, floors and bricks.

-False ceiling.

- Joists and balks.

-Architectural decoration in the ceilings

- ceiling level and formation.

- Interior design.

-intermediate openings if founded.

7-Facade of the building and exists and the levels of the floors.

8- Tables of doors and windows clarifying the specifications and manufacturing material.

9- The quality of the constructional materials. 10- Determine the fire zones areas and clarify the quality of the walls and doors separated between each area.


Requirements of mechanical drawings:

1- Fulfil all the above architectural requirements.

2- Determine the lowest level that the civil defence vehicles can reach.

3- General drawings of the site for all fire fighting systems according to the standards.

4- The drawings of fire fighting elevators according to standards.

5- All details concerning fire fighting material written in Fire fighting Code (rubber hose, hydrant, linen, civil defence coupling. Etc).

6- Ventilation and air-conditioning drawings, if any, indicating the fire-retardant and smoke sites according to the specifications, with an indication of the fans capacity and ventilation calculations in the basements.

7- Drawings and details necessary for the fire fighting pump systems (pumps room, connecting pumps with fire reserve and the ability of hydraulic pumps according to hydraulic systems calculations).

8- Determine the water preserve on drawings according to hydraulic calculations and the danger of occupancy as in the fire fighting code.

9- The paper of hydraulic calculations of fire fighting systems with the outcomes (the capacity of the pumps and the water preserve capacity for firefighting).

10 Drawings and positive pursuer system calculations of staircase in high rising buildings and smoke control systems in buildings that have atriums according to the specifications.

11- A letter from the owner clarifying the nature of the stored materials and the increment of the storage and the occupancy storage.

12- Provide a list of stored and used chemical materials and the (Material Safety Data sheet) for the Chemical Section to evaluate the risks to determine the appropriate prevention systems.

13- Provide a table showing all the necessary technical details for the firefighting systems (space design, density design, Severity, storage, and the height of storage materials, the maximum area covered by the sprinklers) and post it on the drawings.

Electrical drawings

Requirements of electric drawings:

1- Electric drawings will not be studied unless architectural drawings approved.

2- Provide drawings to be studied and audited by a certified engineering firm or an accredited company by the Civil defence in implementing fire alarm systems.

3-Electrical drawings might be discussed by the office electric engineer (it is necessary the engineer discuss the drawings.

4- It is prohibited to carry out any manual adjustments to the electric drawings.

5- Electrical drawings attached with approved following architectural drawings:

-Drawings of the general site.

- Scheme table of the areas.

-Floor drawings "front view" indicating the nature of the occupancy.

-Construction type and used construction materials.

-building facades

- Detailed sections of the building, indicating the following:

- The high floors.

-False ceiling

- Joists.

- Architectural decoration in the ceilings.

- ceiling shape.

- Interior sections

6-Attached with electrical drawings upon request special drawings(HVAC) systems.

7. Provide the following detailed electrical diagrams to study:

- Horizontal projection (front view) drawings show the following:

- Fire detectors according to the nature of the occupancy of the automatic alarm system.

- Audiovisual evacuation means for automatic and manual alarms."

- The location of the Control Panel "for automatic and manual alarms systems"

- Locations and types of controllers and control panels "Modules".

- Electrical wiring between the system parts.

- Structural drawing of the alarm system indicating:

- The partition of the floors.

- Wire used diameters.

- The capacity of wire resistance.

-Types of used channels (conduits).

- Linking additional services.

- The number of detectors and manual releasing points.

- Ways of Linking means of audio-visual evacuation.

- Outside feeding.

- clarify the way of connecting systems connected to alarm system (evacuation system, binary connection system, communication system with civil defence)

- Symbols table.

8- According to the occupancy nature the scheme is requested:
Drawings of audio evacuation system

1- Provide drawings of audio evacuation system according to the flowing occupancy:

- Trade occupancy category (A) according to the Jordanian prevention code such as (Malls).

- High rise building according to the classification of buildings in Jordanian prevention code.

-Assembly sites category (a): those buildings which areas are very large and have large number of occupants

2- The presented drawings contain the components of audio evacuation systems as the following:

- Drawings of speakers distribution so that they cover all the area of the building, and shall be distributed in order that the level of sound could reach all the hidden area such as staircases elevators and W.C.

- Drawings of audio evacuation system power (riser):

- (Amplifiers)

- (Electric Wiring)

-(Power Supply)

- (Tone Generators)

- (Synthesizers)

3- The evacuation audio system has special different specifications from other calling systems that used for public.

4- Provide the evacuation steps and the sequence of operation during studying the drawings.

- Drawings of binary communication.

1- The binary communication drawings shall be provided in case of high rise building and regardless of the occupancy.

2- Drawings of binary communication contain:

1- The Main station: Master Telephone Control Panel.

2- The sub-station: Telephone Handset Cabinets and telephone handset jack in staircases and pump chamber

3- Wire Connections.

4- Batteries.

5- Connection with Fire Alarm Control Panel.

9- Provide emergency light drawings and signs of exits:

- Details of units types.

- Linking method with the electrical wiring.

- Isolating materials.

- wiring diameters.

- A backup power generator of the building.

10 -Electrical Fixed requirements for automatic fire fighting systems:

- Submit the drawings set out in item No4.

- Provide an area plan for intended to be protected showing the following:

- The table of symbols clarifying Fire Rated of wires.

- Detectors sites in which they are at least in two zones.

- The fire bell in the site within the protected area.

- Siren Flasher sited outside the protected area.

- The control panel sited outside the protected area site.

- Ensure providing Manual Release and (Abort Station).

- Diagram Riser shows the following:

- Area distribution.

-The area of the wire section.

- Additional services such as link: (ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire-retardant ... etc).

- connect alarm Panel regarding to fire alarm system with main alarm panel.

- distributing means of evacuation into two stages.

- The system's electrical calculations.

- The quality of the equipment used and catalogs to be adopted duly.

11. Provide ventilation and air conditioning systems drawings "if required" to study the following:

- Detectors sites of air duct.

- Automatic smoke dampers.

- The work of control panels units and command and control during the fire.

- During studying executive drawings for fire alarm systems, insert the following:

- All terms requested of drawings design in addition to the sealed and stamped drawings design.

- Providing materials.

- provide electrical system calculations.

12- High-rise buildings requested of providing the following drawings:

- Detailed drawings for the gas detection system:

1. The system requested if case of gas complexes are exited and central kitchens.

2. Submit the drawings indicating the following system components:

- Gas detectors.

- Control panel.

- Alarms apparatus.

- Electrical wiring, including:

- Linking with the alarm system.

- Control valves and supply switches.

- Any systems and other equipment such as ventilation and fire fighting.

- Prevention of lightning systems code drawings:

- ensure to provide this system for adjacent building or buildings, according to the Prevention of lightning systems Jordan code and its components:

1- Lighting rod.

2-Descending wire.

3- Wire and connections.

4- Earth electrode (pipe driven in ground).

- Drawings of electric Parts of firefighter's elevators:

1- Present the drawings of the riser distribution clarifying energy sources where the elevator needs at least two different electric power sources:

- The main energy source for the building.

- Back-up generators.

- Uninterruptible power sources (UPS).

2-provide detailed types of used electric wiring and make sure it is fire resistant for a period of not less than two hours.







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