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Prevention and self-protection department a transformation and evolution In order to implement the duties and tasks of the Directorate of Civil defence to prevent accidents and to mitigate their effects, Prevention and Self-Protection Department was founded in 1978, to supervise and control procedures and preventive precautions taken or tracked with high efficiency in the facilities such as planning , designing, supervising to ensure safety and its work perfectly .

At that time, it was known as the Prevention and Public Safety Department which was responsible for preventive super visingon the facilities and personal interventions of workers in the Prevention Department to determine the required fire and alarm system.
The number of facilities covered by the preventive supervision was very limited, due to the limited number of staff who is in charge.

In the mid-eighties, a number of specialists in the field of chemistry was recruited to deal with chemical accidents, and control the procedure of handling chemicals in factories and warehouses during transportation on roads .

They played an affective role in achieving a tangible development in the field of prevention, where they prepared preventive, pesticides, chemical materials storage and transportation, and adhesive directive stickers handbooks.

The necessary programs to atomize these handbooks were prepared, then input information for all facilities within the operation network and constantly programs updates.

In the early nineties they commenced to recruit a number of bachelor's degree holders of engineering majored in (mechanical, electrical, civil) and a number of other scientific certificates holders such as physics, chemistry and law , in order to study,audit, and field inspection the facilities in all stages of the process of design, construction, and occupation.

The role of civil defence was very effective in the study of the construction designs of all projects to activate Jordanian national construction codes that is specialized in the work of Prevention and Self-Protection Department, where the General Directorate of Civil Defence represented by Prevention and Self-Protection Department as the officialentity adopted by the technical committee of the Jordanian National Construction Council for supervision and monitoring the implementation requirements of the fire protection codes where it determines the preventive requirements for all facilities based on fire protection codes, fire-fighting systems and fire alarm systems, to follow-up the implementation of the recommendations required during the construction phase according to plans sealed by the civil defence, which has been studied extensively by officers , technicians and non-commissioned officers in various engineering fields .

Knowing that the civil defence played a major role in preparing the prevention fire codes, fire protection codes, fire-fighting systems and fire alarm systems and develop them in accordance to the economic and industrial growth in the country.

In order to keep up with the development and organizing work, the application of quality management ((ISO 9001: 2000 system was applied in the Prevention and Self-Protection Department and its divisions on the external directorates in 2005 .

This however played a major role in organizing the work of the administration and documentation through the participation of the Department staff to prepare, document and form the workflow procedures to include all sections in the Prevention division in the governorates of the Kingdom in order to improve and develop the effectiveness of the work.

A new edition of the ISO system was issued to become ((ISO 9001: 2008)which was used in 2011.

The ISO certificates have been renovated in 2012.

Duties of Prevention and Self-Protection Department that have been defined based on the Law of Civil defence No. (18) Of the year 1999, as amended, and the regulations and instructions issued there under:

1. Study and verify of the proposed and existing schemes for facilities of all occupations and in case of adding spaces or changing the status of occupancy to ensure matching the requirements of the provision and self-protection in accordance with the Jordanian codes in relevant work of civil defence.

2. Grant approval of fire fighting and fire alarm systems and ensure that they are complied with the specifications.

3. Monitor materials, equipment and installations of prevention and self-protection systems to ensure its compliance with local or global approved specifications.

4. Organize the work of companies and working institutions in the field of prevention and self-protection and classify them according to instructions no. (1) For the year 2004 issued under the Civil defence low No. 18 of 1999

5. Carry out preventive supervision on gas agencies, warehouses and fuel gas stations to ensure that they provide the terms of the requirements of prevention and self-protection and contribute in consolidation of the means to achieve the highest safety level.

6. Audit the detection and follow-up reports on the incoming facilities from the Directorates of Civil defence in the governorate to ensure compliance with the codes and instructions.

7. Participate in many technical competent committees in the field of public safety, such as(technical committee for management of hazardous chemicals waste, the National Committee for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons agreement, Commission to grant distributors of liquefied gas stations hydrocarbons licenses, the Committee of Liquefied gas complexes in the facilities, the Committee of eliminate of gas cylinders and inspection Committee for activating the memorandum of understanding between the civil defence , Greater Amman Municipality and the engineers and Contractors union.

8. Participate in seminars, meetings and workshops specialized in the field of prevention and self-protection.

9. Participate in writing specialized articles in civil defence magazine by some officers of the department of Prevention and Self-Protection, and highlight what is new and modern in the field of prevention and self-protection.

10. Coordinate mutually with the Information and Public Relations Department to participate in audio-visual meetings specialized in spreading preventive awareness.

11. Follow-up complaints submitted by citizens regarding public safety matters and within the approved procedures.

12. Provide the specialized technical expertise on demand by the different legal entities in the field of public safety.

13. Take part in dealing with accidents resulted from chemical leakage by giving the necessary technical information on chemicals and other materials ,and in carrying out operations at the site with other staff of civil defence.

14. Participate in fire fighting, in the large facilities when needed.

15. Participate in preparing approaches (primary and specialized prevention courses, investigation into the cause the fire).

16. Take part in the work of the relevant committees for the purchase of fire equipment and other necessary civil defence.

17. Participate in the work of the relevant committees to receive constructional projects for civil defence.

18. Hold specialized training courses in the fields of (prevention, architects, mechanics, and electricity) for the staff of the civil defence and others.

Relationship with insurance companies: It is observed in recent years that many different unlicensed facilities are insured with insurance companies, whereas the insurance companies do not take into account the conditions for providing prevention requirements and self-protection in the facilities also do not take into account changing the occupancy of the facilities, the Prevention and Self-Protection Department contacted with the insurance Regulatory Authority and with the Federation of insurers companies, several meetings were held to exchange ideas and opinions, consequently it was issued certificate of compliance with of prevention and self-protection requirements by the General-Directorate of Civil Defence represented by the Prevention Department and sections .

This certificate is considered a requirement for issuing the insurance policy for insurance companies of the fire or renewing the policy of other non-residential facilities, including commercial and industrial enterprises that the value of fire insurance exceeds fifty thousand dinars, according to the provisions and instructions of the issuance of the fire insurance documents No. (7) for the year 2009 issued by the insurance Authority Council.

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