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The Follow-up Mechanism complaints related to public safety

1. Complaints are received either from official authorities or by the reviewers themselves.

2. Official authorities Send letters to Prevention and self-protection department or any of the directorates, and in case of complaints by the reviewers, they are required to fill out the complaints form or we can receive a complaint over the phone.

3. The department representative transfer all the letters which comes from official authorities or complaints filled on complaint form to the reception employee who set an appointment for the detection, and to provide the citizen with schedule appointment in case if the complaint of the prevention and self-protection jurisdiction and its outside sections (exits, fire alarm systems, .... etc.).

4. The responsibility of each department or branch to deliver a letter of complaint or over the phone and transfer it to be documented in the complaint record about safety matters and follow up the complaint.

5. In case that the filed complaint is of the competence of prevention and self-protection department or its branches(exits, fire alarm systems … etc.) The inspection officer conduct inspection and writes a disclosure report , to determine the results of the inspection disclosure report , then shifts it to the Director of Prevention Department or to Head of prevention Department in the governorate to review it, then follow up governor with recommendations ,the representative of the civil defence, follow-up procedures with the concerned authorities.

6. In case that the complaint is not competence of prevention department and its competence of other official parties (such as the water leakage in buildings, cracks and fissures, bad drainage ...... etc.) .The department representative or head of preventiondepartment in thegovernorate takes the responsibility of converting these complaints to the public safety Committee in the governorate, by the civil defence representative, to follow-up procedures and inform the department with results.

Complaint form

Directly contact prevention and self-protection department :

   1. TEL: 5,661,111 sub-4996 or 4995.

   2. Fax: 5658067 or 5656757.

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