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Fees payment for C.d Services in Prevention and self-Protection Department

Estimated fees divided in to four sections:

1- Study Architectural engineering drawings.

2- Test fire alarm systems after installation (fees paid one time only).

3- Accredit corporate (fees paid one time only).

4-Prevention and self protection department laboratory testing (fees paid one time only).

Estimated fees paid instead of services of each voucher apart with required attachments from the customers to Accounting section.

Study of Architectural engineering Drawings:

1- The engineers study the Architectural engineering drawings , a receipt is to be filled stated the floor area in square meters, no fees to be met on the residential construction which its floor area less than 600m2 .

2- The applicant has to sign receipt by the assistants after the engineers signed it.

3- The applicant makes copies of the receipt ,in the place designated for this purpose " reception '' and the office sealed both the copy and the original , then attaches the receipt of Engineers Association or a formal letter proved the floor area with the receipt.

4- No fees to be met instead of services, issue payment receipt to applicant with the account paid to follow up his transaction and seal Architectural engineering scheme with approval.

5- No fees to be met on the manual extinguishing system if there is automatic fire fighting system.
- Testing fire alarm systems after installation:

The same procedure of study drawings with attachment of report letter from the Greater Amman Municipality showing areas should be paid for

Corporate Accreditation:

The same procedure of study drawings with attachment of letter of inspection report signed by the Members.

Laborite's tests:

They are paid in the Laborites Department located in Al-Mwaqer /Accounting Section

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