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Mechanism to organize chemicals transactions


This procedure aims to control the mechanism of transactions relating to chemicals in terms of classification ,hazard, and the adoption of all the necessary preventive measures. Work area:

This procedure is applied on all chemicals branch transactions, which include the following:

• Study chemical and physical properties of chemicals and clarify the hazard and ways to deal with.

•Determine the information of appropriate chemical label.

• Follow-up and update computer systems of management of HazMats .

• Study of engineering drawings of chemicals storage tanks in terms of specifications and dimensions.

Study of chemicals hazards:

1. During the examination process of engineering drawings or conducting inspection for facilities manufacturing chemicals or storing, the transaction is submitted to chemical branch to identify the hazard of the chemicals to determine the necessary fire and alarm systems at the mechanics and electricity section.

2. The head of the chemicals branch makes sure that all documents relating to the chemicals used are existed (As instructed) and included a list of the scientific names and quantities manufactured and stored, industrial processes as well as provide MSDS (material safety data sheet)for each substance by the manufacturer or a globally recognized and private websites dealing with chemicals.

3. The study officer in the chemicals branch has to study these materials in terms of their hazards, its flammability and storage and trading conditions according to computer systems.

4. The study officer in the chemicals branch fills in a special form for chemicals study and writes a report of the outcome.

5. The transaction would be turned back to the engineering department to take the necessary action.

The specification of the chemical labels:

1. The company provides a certified formal letter by the company itself requesting the specification of the chemical labels that the company is dealing with for the purposes of transportation and storage, by chemicals branch in prevention department by the office of administration.

2. The study officer determines the chemical labels information, specification and contents.

3. The study officer delivers the chemical labels information to the applicant throughout a formal letter.

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