وفاة شخص اثر استنشاقه الغازات المنبعثة من صوبة الحطب وفاة شخص اثر استنشاقه الغازات المنبعثة من صوبة الحطب الثلاثاء 16-1-2018  إصابة (15) شخصاً  اثر حادث تصادم في محافظة  الزرقاء إصابة (5) أشخاص اثر حادث تصادم في محافظة جرش وفاة شخص وإصابة آخر اثر حادث تدهور في اربد مدير عام الدفاع المدني يوعز بتنفيذ تجربة لصافرات الإنذار في محافظات الكرك ومعان والطفيلة وفاة طفلين شقيقين اثر تعرضهما للغرق في المفرق

The director ofcivil defenc checks the preparedness level a number of centers and stations ofcivil defence in Al-Zarqa, Al-Mafraq and Irbed

The Director General of Civil Defence Maj. Gen. Mustafa AbderbohAl-Bazaiha  emphasized during his visitto a number of centers  of civil defencein Al-Zarqa, Al-Mafraq and Irbed   , theDirector General of Civil Defence, Maj. Gen. Mustafa Abed Rabbo Al-Bazai'ahstressed the need to sustain operational readiness by promotion  these sites with special vehicles , especiallyin the field of ambulance and rescue to achieve the highest readiness to dealwith incidents , which requires quick response in dealing with accidents thatmight occur .

The inspection tour included the visit of the Civil DefenseTraining Center in the North province, during which he briefed him on the workof the recruitment committee charged with conducting interviews with theapplicants according to the conditions approved by the civil defense in aprevious declaration covering all the governorates of the Kingdom throughout aspecific dates .

The Director General of Civil Defense listened during the visit toa number of applicants for recruitment, assuring them that the process ofselection and acceptance will be conducted with all transparency  and justice  to serve the people forall provinces in order to embody the directives of His Majesty King AbdullahII.

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