Car slipping accident caused 4 injuries Car slipping accident caused 4 injuries The death of a girl and the injury of another one coused by house fire in the province of Irbid Major General Al-Bazayah receives a delegation of civil defence retirees   Extinguishing a limited fire inside one of the buildings of  the prime minster إخماد حريق محدود داخل احد مباني رئاسة الوزراء اللواء البزايعة يستقبل وفداً من متقاعدي الدفاع المدني The Civil Defence Celebrates the Anniversary of Isra and Al Maraj المديرية العامة للدفاع المدني تحتفل بذكرى الإسراء والمعراج الشريفين الخميس 27-4-2017م The Director General of the Civil Defence Maj. Gen. Mustafa Bazay'ah Meets the Austrian Military Attaché Wednesday 26-4-2017  

A House Fire Caused (4) Injuries

Irbid Civil Defence Directorate dealt with a fire inside a house in third floor for building consists of four floors in Al-Hai Al-Sharqe area. (4) Persons got breathing shortage after inhaling fire emissions.

The firefighting teams extinguished the fire, while the ambulance teams rendered First Aid to the injuries, and then transported them to princess basmah Public Hospital; their condition is moderate now. the cause of the fire was short- circuit.

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