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Laboratories & Hazardous Materials Department is looking for further modernization and development in its achievements and more increment in the level of efficiency for its employers to gain access to the best stages of perfection in work in addition to perform the department duties in the highest standards.

Our department aims to continue the application of ISO 17025 to meet its requirements in order to obtain accreditation. From this view, Laboratories & Hazardous Materials Department is to achieve the following ambitions:

1. To obtain certification for tests carried out by the Laboratories Division.

2. Full equip a laboratory to examine foam within the specifications and international standards.

3. Complete the unknown material lab.

4. Complete processing the electrical lab with the latest electrical devices, equipments and expertise.

5. Developing a comprehensive database for hazardous materials which includes: storage areas, handling procedures.

6. establishing a special training building equipped with the required tools for the fire investigation training sessions.

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