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 By end of 1970s, the world (including Jordan) had a great development in industry ,especially in the field of chemicals and their related accidents. So Jordan started to improve more skills in this field, that’s where the idea of the Laboratories & hazardous materials department came from. The Laboratories & hazardous materials department was established in 17th Aug.2009, started its duties in 1st Jan. 2010, to follow up the incremental developments in scientific and technology domains, as well as performing different types of laboratory tests ( Chemical, Physical, Mechanical And Electrical).

 History :
 The idea of the establishing a specialized laboratories in the civil defence is an old issue, early in the Nineties of the last century and due the numerous ways to start a fire, the decision maker in Jordanian civil defence decided to send a group of officers to Egypt to attend a training course on fire investigation where they to learn about investigation laboratories and types of tests being held on fire samples. They introduced a study about the need for competent laboratory. After that the staff of the laboratory were trained in both the Forensic Laboratory / Public Security on the analysis of fire samples using a fire-chromatographic analysis (GC / MS) and in the laboratories of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) to conduct the following tests:

 • Material examinations and fire fighting equipment.
 • Dry chemical powder.
 • Gaseous fire-extinguishing materials, rubber hoses and fire extinguishers.

 As a result of the important role for civil defence in the field of guaranteeing citizens and properties safety, the idea of developing the laboratories came from, in order to provide a specialized, scientific laboratories which have the highest level of technology, so Early in 2005 the laboratory was supplied with a set of new equipments for laboratory tests on hoses and fire extinguishers and any other cylindrical body. In order to increase the efficiency of the laboratory in the field of detection of unknown chemicals an (FT-IR) was provided in 2006 , this was in a 425 m2 site which has been partially prepared in the Capital Civil defence Directorate. At this stage, the basic of laboratory and hazardous materials appeared as a part of prevention and self-protection Department with several duties such as: fire samples, participating in related commissions.

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