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Construction and Maintenance Department was formed on 27\10\1992, it has many specialized duties in establishing new buildings for Civil Defence directorates and centers , it also provides these buildings with the best available services and the required needs for civil defence staff , in addition to conducting the annual maintenance works for civil defence facilities within annual maintenance plan, much efforts are being made in order to customize pieces of lands for civil defence in coordination with directorates to establish new buildings, the department modernized the division of engineering design where the designing ,monitoring and supervising projects throughout the staff of department which help to increase the accuracy and speed of completion of work and reduce the material cost significantly, the department has many sporadic constructional works in governorates like building generators rooms and walls and other constructions ,the department also distributes a number of professionals in the governorates in order to facilitate the work and the speed of completion and cost reduction resulting from the movement of vehicles.
 Construction and Maintenance Department seeks to train its staff continuously in specialized technical courses, the department also helps its staff to use the modest equipments in order to develop their work in establishing new buildings throughout a strategic plan that aims to achieve national goals of civil defence.

 Duties of department:

1-Implememnting the policy of the General Directorate of Civil Defence through the given instructions.

 2-Working to provide pieces of lands to civil defence through privatization or acquisition and following- up actions with concerned entities to meet the construction needs and future expansion of civil defence.

 3-Studying and designing civil defence projects and preparing the necessary specifications, drawings and documents.

4-Supervising the projects through technical staff and following- up the maintenance of these projects.

 5- Providing services to the new projects and buildings, for instance (electricity, water, sewage systems).

 6- Direct implementation of civil defence buildings through Construction and Maintenance Department staff.

7-Conducting maintenance for civil defence buildings and lands throughout trained humane staff and having an annual plan to identify maintenance needs.

 8-Following- up the booking of hosting apartments in Aqaba city.

 9- Following -up the affairs of career housing in all kingdom governorates.

 10-Following- up leasing and rental business for facilities which are occupied by civil defence units and monitoring the technical aspects of lease contracts.

 11-Following- up the deleting of customized materials in construction and maintenance works and putting the materials which are not deleted on supplies of units.

12-Transferring professionals to departments and directorates to conduct maintenance works.

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